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A Bridge Forward believes that everyone should pursue their dreams. To that end, A Bridge Forward takes time to get to know its clients, what their educational and career goals are, what obstacles they’ve experienced. A Bridge Forward gives clients an honest assessment of what can be done with their criminal record. Clients are never kept in the dark about their case.

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Clemency remains the only remedy available to those whose cases still aren’t eligible for expungement/sealing, want to reinstate their gun rights, or facing a lifetime statutory barrier to licensing (e.g., health care).

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Any time you’re taken into custody by police, an arrest record is created. It doesn’t matter that you never went to court. If you don’t want an old arrest record to haunt you, expunge it.

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Current licensing rules in Illinois bar questions regarding applicant’s expunged or sealed criminal history, a significant departure from previous guidelines that allowed agencies to punish new licensees for past crimes.

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Lost a job offer after not “passing” a background check? Don’t let that happen again. Seal your record so that you won’t lose the next job offer.

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Understanding how background checks are performed and what your rights are when an employer withdraws a job offer based on a background report that may include inaccurate information is critical.

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Other Remedies

Want to work in health care or with vulnerable populations (children, disabled)? Certain remedies are geared to assist those who can’t or haven’t sealed their record or who have certain sealed convictions (drug felonies).

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