Over 20 years ago, my life was in a state of chaos. I made some destructive personal choices as I struggled with drug and alcohol abuse.  In one evening alone I acquired 3 Alcohol/Drug Police Citations, 2 Felonies and 1 Misdemeanor. These charges resulted in DUI and Drug Possession Convictions after I struck a mound of construction dirt in a parking lot. Thankfully, this was the wake up call I needed. I began to turn my life around; however, in several ways, the damage had been done. In many areas I was "unemployable" with these convictions on my record.

I heard about A Bridge Forward about 2 years ago and reached out to Ina Silvergleid, hoping she might be able to help me.  Even after our first meeting, I felt better. Ina's professional yet compassionate manner put me at ease and I began to believe that, with her assistance, the burden of this old, destructive, record dogging me might finally come to an end.

With her guidance and representation, most of these old records finally have been  "sealed" and I am now able to face any prospective employer with confidence that they (convictions) will not adversely affect my future. Thank you, Ina, for your help and dedication!

Ina Silvergleid