“When the IDFPR denied my application for Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, due to a criminal conviction, I was devastated and had no idea where to begin. I was referred to Ina Silvergleid by the IDFPR’s lawyer.

When Ina began working with me, due to new legislation, I was ineligible for licensure. I was afraid that my situation was hopeless. Ina took it as a challenge, identified inconsistencies between the intent of the new legislation and its impact, actively supported Senate Bill 42 which amended the legislation and I succeeded in having my case heard and license granted which many people thought was impossible.

Initially, I was concerned that Ina would charge exorbitant rates and pad her time by preparing legal strategies that had little chance of succeeding. In actuality, she provided me with an honest assessment of my case, charged reasonable rates, always kept me up to date.

Ina has a strong passion for helping individuals with a criminal history overcome legal hurdles to obtain professional licensure. Due to Ina’s legal expertise and political activism, I am now working as a licensed counselor in Illinois.”   

Ina Silvergleid